That time of that day

A known constant may be a singular preference, vastly,

Variety, the spice of life may not be the idea mostly,

That time of that day, when the mighty Sun reached his zenith,

Bridging the gap between my part of the Earth, wherein, when I stood beneath,

My trusted companion ,my shadow,

Choosing to abandon, marking the zero shadow day, to the phenomenon of this mighty universe I bow.

P.S :- Zero Shadow Day was marked on 24th April 2020, here in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This is a phenomenon happening twice a year, wherein, the Sun doesn’t cast a shadow at noon on an object as he is at his zenith. For more you may visit the Wikipedia page on Zero Shadow Day. To know the different dates of Zero Shadow Day happening across India please see here. Thank you Amma (Mother) for sending across this news clipping and being an inspiration for this piece.

Acknowledgements :- Written in response to Six Sentence Stories, thank you for running the challenge and providing the word prompt, bridge. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

7 thoughts on “That time of that day

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  1. Good to see you at the Six again 🙂
    This a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing and for sharing the link about Zero Shadow Day! I had no idea there was such a thing. Very cool!

    I do hope you link your Six so your URL will show on the page with the other Six Sentence Stories. Please let me know if you’re having difficulty with the Inlinkz link. If you are, I’ll add your URL to the link page. It can be temperamental at times, lol

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