Downpour, causing to unwind,

While the sun shines,

The accidental rain,

A pleasant welcome,

Unleashing memories of good old days,

Through the lanes of petrichor.

Each time,

A tear trickling from eyes that see,

Replacing the solitude within,

Renewal of spirits,

From the blurry haze that used to be.

An irony that, sometimes,

Rain causes misery,

A tear gives strength,

Happiness and sadness,

Are but a part of life,

There never was,

Any right or wrong,

Some things, never meant to be,

Letting go of the unintended, graciously.

Exactly 88 words.

Petrichor :- A pleasant accompanying the first rain. ( Courtesy :- Google)

Acknowledgements :- In response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing prompt, word of the week – Downpour and Eugenia’s word of the week :- Renewal. Thank you Sammi Cox and Eugenia for the prompts. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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