10 of my favourite feelings

Thank you Shweta Suresh for nominating me for 10 of my favourite feelings tag. Her blog has an awesome collection of short stories, tiny tales and poems. This tag is a brainchild of Xandaria, she got this idea after watching a video on Youtube called ” My favourite feelings” and converted this idea into a tag nomination.

The rules are pretty simple :- Listing 10 of your favourite feelings.

  1. The energising smell of petrichor, which is pleasant smell of Earth after the first rain.
  2. Listening to music on road trips.
  3. Reading a good book, the smell of new books is a satisfying, rejuvenating feeling.
  4. Writing prose and poetry or just random thoughts.
  5. Train travel, glimpses of various sights and scenery through the window is a sure shot winner for this mode of travel to be selected by me every time.
  6. Spending time with my grandmother and listening to her stories countless times.
  7. Just sitting idly after completing things I had planned for the day, the satisfaction of having lived my day productively is also one of my favourite feelings. This rarely happens, so I feel extra good, when it happens.
  8. Sighting a new bloom on my potted plants, the satisfaction that the plants are growing well.
  9. Bird watching, and getting confused when the birds appear similar but are named differently. Sighting a new bird is yet another feel good factor.
  10. Smiling, this is often an underrated and overlooked feeling of mine. But whenever I consciously or unconsciously indulge in smiling, it is like an instantaneous coffee shot, a feel good factor.

So, this is my list of 10 of my favourite feelings. I’m not specifically nominating anyone, but all of you reading this are welcome to participate and share with your readers your Top 10 list. Thank you Shweta, for the nomination. Keep the chain going.

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