Making of mango ice-cream

Homemade Mango Ice-Cream

These days,

When today mimics yesterday,

And tomorrow is no different from today,

Without nothing much to do,

When even writing deserts me on and off,

I tried to take a different route,

A never before ventured path,

Of making an ice-cream.

Having read the recipe,

Not quite long ago,

And having the ingredients,

In the cupboard of abundance,

Cream, milk, condensed milk, sugar,

Not to forget, the showstopper, Mango,

I embarked on a journey ,

Of slicing and mixing,

Cajoling them to enjoy each other’s company,

Prodding them not to part ways,

Achieving the desired consistency,

Satisfied, poured I into containers,

Careful lest a drop of this amazing mix spills,

Covering with a cling foil,

Assuring that I’d come back whenever it was ready.

Under the misty moon magic,

It rests in refrigerator,

Time seemed to enjoy my impatient plight,

Hands of the clock looked stuck forever,

How long would I have to wait?

Thankfully sleep overtook agitation,

Waiting to surprise me, this goodness of delight,

With scintillating outcome the next day,

If things were the way it used to be,

I wouldn’t have tried this amazing recipe,

Without yummy mango delight I’d be,

Without a feather in my cap I’d sadly be.

202 words.

Acknowledgements :- The inspiration for this poem is from Dees Platter mango ice-cream recipe, without which I wouldn’t have tried my hand at making of an ice-cream. Also I’ve used the M’s July Writing Prompts as an inspiration . Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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