The Animal Kingdom

P.C :- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash

Baby Mischief’s life of about forty days was primarily spent in accompanying his mother everywhere , springing from one branch to the next, conjuring mischievous tricks on his cousins, and most importantly learning the art of survival. Without any worries of the world, he lived thus.

Today was a special day. He and many others would be privileged enough to be in the august company of their King. A thunderous rumbling roar announced the arrival of their beloved King. Everyone of them hurried to be in their designated spots and portray their best behaviour.

From his serious expressions and purposeful gait, it was certain that there was no room for silliness. Apparently there was an important announcement to make.

He had from his sources, gathered pictures of Man, one of the mightiest creatures known, wearing masks to protect themselves from a deadly virus. Also he had reports of their friends, dogs, being infected. It was his duty as their leader to protect and warn them of the dangers. For this he solicited the co-operation of all his beloved subjects.

It was his plan to request the Master Weavers, spiders, to craft masks for all of them. The agile jumpers and climbers, monkeys, would ensure safe delivery of these masks. The trustworthy and strong, elephants, would ensure that none of them ventured out of their safe havens, unnecessarily.

He, their leader would ensure supply of food for all of them. A picture of their avian friends, Kites, practising social distancing was shown to them all, to encourage practising the same. Reminding them, in their hands was their safety, he concluded his speech.

A round of applause and each one of them solemnly retreated to their abode. The next day, a guideline was issued. Those who ventured out of the jungle and came in contact of Man would be quarantined. None of them dared to venture out of their homes. This was their jungle and they would protect it.

Kites practising social distancing

321 words.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Sadje for running the What do you see challenge # 41. The challenge is to write a piece with inspiration drawn from the photo (That of a monkey curiously peeping below.) Thank you Eugenia, for running the Eugi’s Weekly writing prompt challenge. The word of the week is August. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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