Cafe on the corner

P.C :- Kyle Glenn- Unsplash

Those were the times, when having a quick bite at a cafe was the norm. That was a nondescript cafe on the corner. No fancy chairs, no fancy stools, no fancy lightings, no fancy frills. Come to think of it now, as far as I can remember, there was no proper name to that place. For me and many others, it was just a cosy cafe on the corner.

Consisting of a simple menu, where each item beat the previous, I had almost tasted everything on the menu. It was a go to place for every occasion and emotion – happy, sad, tired, angry, excited, triumphant, you just had to go there to feel better or double your joy.

I thought I was the only who fostered such sentiments to that place until on one visit my eyes happened to fall on a board consisting of tiny, colourful, heartfelt chits showering appreciation on the various aspects of the cafe. Some liked the food, some liked its simpleness, others reflected on the level of immaculate hygiene maintained. It wouldn’t be wrong to guess that I quickly added my colourful chit too.

Such were the times, until one day, the owners decided to shift their base. To many of us, to say the very least, that was heartbreaking. Along with memories, ambience, simplicity, the wonderful, colourful chits were gone.

I still go there, sometimes when time permits, only to be welcomed by bleakness. On one such visit, a board welcomes my vision, “Coming soon, your cafe”. What wouldn’t I do for that to be true?? Tra-a-la-la- tra-a-la-la!!! Off I go, to pick my best dress for their homecoming.

275 words.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Sadje for running the What do you see challenge #43. The challenge is to draw inspiration from the photo provided above and write a piece. For rules please refer here.Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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