P.C :- Sue Vincent

While the Moon is still at work,

Sun joins,

Assuming office a tad bit early.


Night meets day,

Dark meets light,

Vice meets virtue,

Awakening comes to being,

Two sides,

Same coin.

33 words.

Thoughts behind the poem :- At times, I’ve seen Sun and Moon in the early morning sky and have been amazed. Science tells us that Sun is always fixed and Earth is the one that is rotating. But when I look up and see this union I’d like to think it’s pure magic. So with this as an inspiration, I penned this poem.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Eugenia for running the Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Challenge. The challenge is to use the given word/ phrase in your piece. This week’s phrase is “Night meets day”. Thank you Sue Vincent for running the #writephoto challenge. The challenge is to draw inspiration from the picture above. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

40 thoughts on “Union

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  1. I always like seeing the sun and moon in the sky together too, whether it’s early morning or any other time of day. It’s because the orbit of the moon about the Earth is not quite in the same plane as the orbit of the Earth about the sun – it’s tilted – that’s why the full moon rises at sunset, and you see the crescent moon to the east at dawn. πŸ™‚

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