The Postman

Trudging through the hills on his cycle,

He carries bundles of letters daily,

The letters some with delicate outer covering,

Some intimidating as though receiver himself daren’t open,

Some bearers of news, Oh! so bad!

Others a flowery postcard,

Yet others a reminder to pay the timely dues.

As he moves from one house to the next,

The postman, ever in time,

Come rain or shine,

At the time when clock strikes announcing afternoon tea,

He rings his cycle’s bell to announce his arrival,

A girl of about ten eagerly awaits him,

It’s her birthday the day after, wouldn’t she be getting presents delivered?

The postman is sad that he has nothing in store for her,

Promises to himself, “If nothing comes by tomorrow’s post I’ll get a present for the little girl”,

The next door is opened by a lady,

Who is happy to receive a bouquet of roses ,

On a seafarer’s job that he’s in,

The miles of sea that separates them, a thoughtful gesture from her beloved brings them closer,

A youth next door,

Is elated after receiving his first ever job appointment,

That he’s been waiting since a long time,

To celebrate, he hands a bar of chocolate to the postman,

The postman’s fatigue is forgotten momentarily by this happy gesture.

Always a thankless job, he assumes a postman’s job to be,

He is happy when somebody recognises his painstaking efforts and offers him tea,

He checks to see if he’s done for the day,

His bag of letters appears nought,

Turning downhill,

Before the Sun sets in too low for him to see the path,

He’s nudged by a visual apparition,

Prodding him to deliver her letter,

She hands it over, before vanishing into thin air,

Trembling, he stumbles over.

295 words ( Free Style)

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Grace and Ingrid for hosting Poetics at dVerse. We were asked to write a poem in the voice of a fictional character. I’ve always admired postmen and hence this poem.For rules please refer here.Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


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  1. this is lovely Kitty, you describe his life and those he delivers to so well!

    Sadly most things are done on line these day … although I’ve just received a cheque, refund from my bank for overcharging me. Only taken a royal commission and 16 years to get here

    Liked by 1 person

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