The medicine lady

She keeps moving in the direction, her compass points north. She is unsure of the place, unsure of language spoken here, unsure of how long she’ll be staying here. All that she knows for now, she has waited long for this day and for these for moments that’ll unfurl before her.

In summer when Earth eclipses flower moon, freshly plucked long leafed pinkish pigmented herbs that is grown devoid of light should be brewed until next time moon is eclipsed“, the faint writings on her medicine book read. Keep away from light and any person’s sight, it further warned. The drinker would be granted boon of immorality.

The landscape is covered in velvety darkness, and faint shrill of crickets could be heard in the background. With no time to waste she begins collecting, before a faint glimmer of constellation appears, unknown to her.

travel, moon does too,

pale to furious red stark,

changing destinies.

Poetry form :- Haibun ( A combo of prose and haiku)

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Frank. J. Tassone for hosting Haibun Monday on dVerse- Theme “flower moon”. Thank you Colleen. M. Chesebro for hosting Tanka Tuesday #Poetry challenge no:- 227, #Theme prompt :- ” Travel/ Journeys “. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


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  1. What a lovely haibun poem. I like that you showed how the moon travels through the sky. I also loved the magic quality of your words. The prose reads like a story. Remember the syllabic poetry part should not have each line capitalized. This is a hard rule in Japanese poetry. Well done! ❀

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