The Sea and Man

dolphin jumping out of the sea during day
P.C :- Noah Boyer; Unsplash

The oyster sheltered her precious pearl,

Clasping tightly in warm embrace,

Singing a soothing lullaby -a song of thoughtfulness,

As sturdy sun sunk beneath the wavering waters,

The sea resonated an epitome of calm,

While the mighty fish and insignificant algae called her,

Their home of abundance,

She was their life and they were her part,

He took her, part by part,

The coloured and moon white pearl,

With all of her riches and abundance,

He lost out on her soft embrace,

And whispered pleas from her,

He lost his thoughtfulness,

And mystic of calm,

To the now roaring waters,

She rose like flaming waters,

Seeking revenge from her part,

For taking wealth from her belly of calm,

A fortitude of riches she’d built with sea life and pearls,

Slowly one by one disappeared to feed man’s lack of thoughtfulness,

All of her abundance,

He snatched gleefully from her,

From her soft, caring embrace,

The soft lullabied embrace,

Rose like an angry ocean of seething waters,

Separating him from her,

She is the raging sea and he is the cunning man, way a-part,

Taking her precious abundance,

Of life and calm,

She pondered, it’s all greed and not man of thoughtfulness,

Plundering life and pearl,

Her magnanimous embrace of abundance,

Coupling with her waters of calm,

Her thoughtfulness made her understand he was part of her,

As much as she was part of him, sea life and shiny white pearl- he also reciprocate and ain’t just plunder for his greed.

258 words.

Poetry form :- An Octina.

Stanza 1 :- 12345678 end words get repeated as the following in subsequent stanzas,
Stanza 2 :- 81726354
Stanza 3 :- 48513762
Stanza 4 :- 24687531, followed by an envoi of 4 lines repeating end words in couples from lines 2,7/4,5/6,3/8,1.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Val for hosting August Scavenger Hunt ( Theme :- Revenge; Poetry form :- Octina). The host has also given an amazing example of an Octina, please see here. Thank you all for stopping and reading.


18 thoughts on “The Sea and Man

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  1. wow Kitty this is impressive on many levels, deeply profound!

    It’s more than just humans plundering our ocean its also about the inequality between genders … and our need to realise that we cannot progress until we treat each other with more respect, delightfully written!

    Liked by 1 person

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