P.C :-Winslow Homer, Summer Squall

if the summer waters of the sea were to take it all,

suck in some sorrow that i have overflowing in abundance,

wash them away against those turbulent rocks,

share it with none, lest they have to go through my pain again.

if the summer sun were to shine bright and loud,

cover me whole in your vibrant grace,

there’s hardly an ounce of positivity left in me.

if the summer rains were to pour in today,

i’d like my tears to merge with yours,

until you capriciously desert me to wallow in my pain again.

98 words.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Merrill. D. Smith for hosting Poetics at dVerse. For rule please refer here. Also linking to OLN at dVerse. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


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  1. You described a very striking feeling, it reminds me of some meditation techniques where one is invited to envision their own troubles and negativity going into the earth’s core to be burned away, cleansed and recycled.
    I appreciate the wording of your poem and really like the image you included.

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