Belief in humanity

Monsoon begins, and so does the excitement of fresh rain drops. The smell of petrichor wafts through the air, ringing in positivity.

Yet, tale of monsoon woes continue. Attribute to improper planning, lack of foresight, we have to bear the brunt. Roads appear like lakes, they are no longer motor-able and one considers use of boats. Dam levels are breached and water and water life makes our homes, theirs.

Amidst all this, we get to see the amazing strength of humanity. People help one another, we no longer are strangers. Shelters are built, money, materials, resilience of humanity, is pooled. Return to “home sweet home”, may be a distant reality for now, but spirit of life, continues. The resurrection from monsoon aftermath may take a while, but as long as humanity believes in itself, there is abundant joy even in hardest of times.

frogs spawn, monsoon rings-
and many people displaced,
divergent tales

Poetry form :- Haibun ( Prose + Haiku)

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Mish, for hosting Haibun Mondays at dVerse. We were prompted to use “Shelter” in our piece, for rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


15 thoughts on “Belief in humanity

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  1. I enjoyed this haibun. Yeah the monsoon is wild especially where I live, but the people helping each other and coming together as one part defines what it is to be human.


  2. “amazing strength of humanity. People help one another, we no longer are strangers.”

    A wonderful aspect in your haibun.



  3. Yes, chaotic and irresponsible building developments have been a big factor, but the change in the climate is irreversible. It will happen again and again. I do hope that repairing the damage is done in a responsible way, not just more of the same. Too much misery results.


  4. I like the thread of hope that weaves and builds in your haibun. Humanity is still alive. Unfortunately so are the effects of climate change. A delightful haiku that compliments your prose.


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