Kiss of fate

Portrait of Lady Agnew of Lochnaw (1865-1932) by John Singer Sargent, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

those fairytale eyes,
stolen idyllic moments,
kiss in the noon rain-
to be a moment longer,
forever a wish half spent

causes dreams to ache,
moment in togetherness,
reworked dastardly-
to tickle the curse of fate,
destined under howling skies

in your aching arms
nay, but a moment longer,
kiss of toxic fate,
before ill luck consumes whole,
before sands of times trickles.

Poetry form :- Tanka Series

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Colleen. M. Chesebro for the above Ekphrastic prompt inspiration at Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge # 308. This painting was featured on Rebecca’s post: PORTRAIT OF LADY AGNEW OF LOCHNAW BY JOHN SINGER SARGENTThank you Eugi for hosting Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #131, prompt word, “Idyllic”. Thank you Kim for hosting Poetics at dVerse, ” Prelude to a kiss”. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


17 thoughts on “Kiss of fate

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  1. I thought I’d seen that image before! What an engaging ekphrastic tanka series, Kitty! I think ‘fairytale eyes’ is a perfect phrase, seeing as the sitter is wearing a fairytale dress, and ‘kiss in the noon rain’ reminded me of one of my own poems from five years ago:
    I agree that ‘a wish half spent causes dreams to ache’ and like the way that links to the line ‘in your aching arms’. But the ‘kiss of toxic fate’ is so sad.

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