Conversations at play

P. C:- Terri Webster Schrandt

Terri says: “This is a photo of Nine Mile Falls, after which our little community is named.  I captured this last March when the water district let out the water of the Spokane River to create Lake Spokane. When you drive by, the mist from the falls hits the windshield enough to use the wiper blades. In certain light, it really looks this green.”

silence speaks volumes
deglazed in shrouded chaos
a being ,penny’s worth in
nature’s conversant splendour

prayer, playful, pensive,
aspiring clouds of faith
cocooned in misty wraith
till sea emerges

every ebb and flow
songs of solitude transpire
pantomime mimics
life’s musical and death’s play
conversant timely humour.

Poetry Form :- ( Two Tanka(5/7/5/7/7 syllables) sets with Abhanga(6/6/6/4 where Line two and Line three rhyme) sandwiched in between)

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Colleen. M. Chesebro for hosting Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge where we are provided the above photo prompt given by Terri Webster Schrandt. Thank you Eugi for hosting Moonwashed Weekly Challenge, where prompt word is , ” Conversant”. Thank you Jade Li for hosting Poetics at dVerse, where the theme is “Playtime”. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


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