Through the rain. A haiku and Renga collaboration.

A Collaboration.

tales told different

Aishwarya and I are back with a rain collaboration.

This time we used the haiku form, with accompanying one liners.
And even wrote a Renga at the end.

She wrote in (light italics) and I used the (bold italics)
Hope you enjoy this.

Through the rain

Do you see it,
Rolling in on darkened clouds.
Can you catch its elysian scent,
Tumbling on the torrent winds.
A promise,
And a warning!
The feeling that things will not be the same,
Or scourged?

Through her incessant,
Downpour, she communicates,
Forlorn or happy?

When it rains, cheer on Earth reigns, is nature happy unburdening herself?

For erosion smoothes the rough edges, and draws new lines of potential.

As deluge cascades
Reflections of the self glisten
Splashes of new life

Tears renew spirit
So does rain, washes old.
New memories made

Sometimes a tear or two energises self…

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Destiny’s rails. A cinquain and prose collaboration.

Collaboration Post.

tales told different

Aishwarya and I composed this together. It was a much needed relief to do this with her, especially given the anxiety that was tainting this week for me.

The challenge of writing this together has livened my mood and I’m now bolstered to kick this anxiety.

It’s a wonder, the power of these little things.

Okay, here’s the collaboration.

Aishwarya wrote in plain italics and I did the bold italics.

Watch out for those three butterfly cinquains, they were quite the rascals to combine.

Destiny’s rails

A flowing river never stops, likewise is time.
Neither does a nod mean acceptance, nor does silence mean indifference.
All of us are puppets to time’s test.

Surprises lurk at every twist and turn, obstacles set by the divine.
Is life a show scripted by the gods, and do we really have a say?

Stand tall
Trees to time’s test
Swaying acquiescence
Stationary, indifferent

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Inheriting Nature (A triple collaboration)

tales told different

Hello guys. I linked up with Aishwarya of Kittysverses to write a bit about man’s relationship with nature. I love her poetry and we’ve come to be friends through WordPress. Writing alongside her happens naturally for me so I really enjoy it, I hope you do too.

I’m also using photos taken by Amy of herlady pinkrose so this in a way is a 3way collaboration. Amy’s photography is divine, you gotta check it out. I’ll drop a link at the bottom

Well here goes:
Kitty did the normal italics,
I did the bold italics,
Amy’s photography

Inheriting Nature

AmyRose photography

Preps its foliage,
Tree calls its avian friends
Home sweet home again
A twig or two in their beaks
fresh berries to munch on

Melodious song birds
Tweetering in the air and chirping in the greens
As the wind whistles through the spectrum of leaves
Your home a musical…

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Cravings and longings (collaboration post)

Jude from tales told different and I have done a collaborative post titled Cravings and longings. Thank you, Jude for the collaborative post.

tales told different

Aishwarya of kittyverses and I teamed up to write this collaborated post. I really enjoy her blog and I’m lucky to be writing with her. Please check out her blog here

I hope you enjoy this post. Kitty, as I call her did the poetry in bold italics and I the prose in normal case, to come up with this haibun. It was really refreshing writing with Kitty.

Man’s noise deafens
nature’s lilting melody
Awakens spirit

Green ferns dance in the wind, as the agapanthus shimmies its delicate petals, and a chipmunk forages in the now-wild once-pristine lawns and flowerbeds.

Upon curfew’s descent, mother nature boasts and flaunts her diversity, as I look on from behind locked doors and caged glass windows, spellbound within my home, within my prison.

Nature beside me
I chose to overlook you
Vanish, I repent

I see so much within this incommodious state. Things…

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