The winner’s streak

We meet so many people. On the road, in the public transport, at our school, college , workplace, place of residence. Have you ever wondered what story each person has to tell, have you ever spun a story about them in your head?

The song he sung

photo by Paulette Wooten via Unsplash Nothing is lost until the spirit within fizzles out, Nothing is achieved until time…

Expectation leads to

Many a times we feel that we were let down by the very same people we thought were friends. Fret not, for their behavior is not a reflection of you. Let the brightness in you radiate positivity for the people around.

Qualm not

Keep calm, relax, mind is a super power that in many a circumstance only listens and acts as per our command.

Back again

After a week of exams and a cousin’s wedding, life’s back to what it was before. And this precisely is…