Unconditional Love

One fine evening, my cat, Foxy who was around 6 months old then, was missing. She didn't come back during her usual dinner time. This was a cause of concern as she always was punctual. After waiting for some time, I started searching for her. I looked for her at the usual places she frequented, in vain. It was quite dark by the time I chanced upon a snowy white tom cat - Foxy's friend. Hearing my cries and the panic in my voice he goaded me to follow him. I did, and we found her sitting on the top of a well. It looked like she hadn't frequented the place before and was too scared to jump down and return home. After seeing our familiar faces she jumped into my hands. Her friend was undoubtedly the hero of the day . So much so was the unconditional love between the two of them that 6 months later when she died, he used to frequent the very spot where she breathed her last for many days in a row.

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