Time’s pause

And Sun decides to go a holiday* :- I had read in the news a couple of days back, that a town in Alaska, by the name Utqiaġvik, witnessed its last sunset of the year 2020 on November 20. And, they will be next seeing the Sun only in 2021, to be precise on January 22, 2021. This led me to thinking, all of us share space, not similar situations.

Separate and unite

Thoughts behind the poem :- While each night stars and moon unite, a time comes when brightest of all stars, Sun enters and calls it a day. Not ones to lose hope, they patiently wait to be re-united again and again.

Yours or mine

Light personifying brightness & positivity, as long as it refuses to shine, we wouldn't know for sure what lies in store beneath the layers of white personifying the unknown & enigmatic future.

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