Home is where the heart is    

                                      This didn’t happen overnight.But, they didn’t pay heed to the warnings that kept coming.And one night, it was all over, the very place where they lived was taken over. Begged they endlessly for a shelter to stay, atleast in one corner of the place they proudly called their home. For these many years and as far as they could remember this was their place and they could not imagine anywhere but here.

How would they live? How would they survive in a new place?After many rounds of bargaining, they were offered a place where they could collect all their thoughts together.It was agreed that later they had to bid goodbye. Putting in all their energy, memories, they laid each brick one by one. Pictures of one another was painted on each brick laid there.The possessions that they had treasured was laid there so that atleast it got to live in the place they called their home.

And this had happened many generations ago. Now, all that their posterity got was a view to that place and that too from afar. For, they were scared, would their flock survive if they neared?

For years together, this was the norm. It was there, for as long as they could remember. From far they could view the place. They were scared to come close to the place that was marked as “Fort” in their ancient hand. They feared of extinction.As it is, their tribe was declining one by one and it was so difficult to  survive and flourish with the bare minimum.

Their ancestors were warned, but they didn’t heed. Now, they didn’t want to be extinct. Pity, they were the outliers of the place which was once their home.

This is written in response to #writephoto challenge hosted by Sue Vincent. Thank you Sue for the challenge and the picture. For more details click here

Thoughts behind this story :- This picture kept me pondering as to what will happen to us (human race and all living things) if we are made outliers of our planet because we take her for granted.We should definitely do our bit to save Mother Earth from the various trails she undergoes everyday, because of us.After all, home is where the heart is. 



      1. Hahaha, it’s complete opposite of what I tried telling.Unlike what was said in the video my intention was not to be righteous & preach, when I saw the prompt, too many thoughts came about, of aliens, of losing a place called home. I guess my story lacks fine tuning cos too many thoughts put forth in a haphazard manner. But, thanks for letting me know about the video, it’s given me a whole new perspective.


      2. Actually it’s the same thing. Carlin was telling the same thing. And I wasn’t criticizing your piece. I got reminded of that video when I read this.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha okay,I loved watching the video. There’s a humor element there. I didn’t mean you criticized, but I felt I could have done much better with the prompt, which I didn’t. Should give it a try again.


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