Train Journey : Then & Now

Train Journey :- Now

As the train chugged away ,

Sunlight kept at bay,

By the curtains drawn across,

The glass windows tightly shut, lest the air conditioning cross,

The vendors with their trolly,

One after another, seemingly like a rally,

Tea, coffee, biscuits, and other tea- time snacks,

Water bottles, newspaper, magazines and other books from their stacks,

As the train chugged away ,

Conversations kept at bay,

Except for a cry of a baby,

Or the constant chatter of a toddler, maybe,

Each one busily peering into their modern day gadgets,

Conversations a thing of yore, perhaps lack of subjects,

I pad, I phone, I pod, you name it , seemingly like an exhibition of devices,

The quickness with which they juggle, nobody is a novice,

As the train chugged away,

With nobody to admire the greenery, which seemed faraway,

Or wonder at the birds, retiring to their nests,

The elderly hesitating to strike a conversation, retiring to nostalgia, which seemed best,

As each station neared, each traveller,

Confirming with google maps, the location, rather than trusting their eyes of its caliber,

The train no longer expected from its passenger any show of gratitude,

For while they couldn’t exchange pleasantries with one another, its just done its duty of carrying them in fortitude.

Train Journey :- Then ( This was written by me a few years back. You can find the link to this here or read below.)

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Roared the train!

Pushed he, pushed she, pushed all,

The crowd was eager to get in,

Friends and family waving,

The last minute chatter and scatter,

A tiny toddler’s wails unheard,

People running helter and skelter.

The guard blew his whistle,

The train charted forward.

Rushing past lush green fields,

Children waving in excitement.

Regally making its way along the breath taking scenery,

Rivers gushing from the mountains,

Water sprinkling on the face on a warm summer’s day!

Emerging out of the tunnel,

Playing peek-a-boo,

Like a rabbit out of the magician’s hat.

People turning nostalgic,

Making new friends,

Exchanging stories and eateries,

As the train chugged along,

Day turning to dusk,

Sunlight replaced by signal light.

Anticipation finally at rest,

The train is glad,

Of a hard day’s work, bearing fruits,

As the passengers depart smiling and cheering,

End of a glorious journey,

Looking forward to a new one!


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