In the passing

Those letters opened, Have grown, From ink stains inscribed bright blue to pale yellow, Each letter strung amongst its pages holds a different meaning, Each time it's read, From ink stains inscribed bright blue to pale yellow, Of days spent in summers, Of winters breaking through misty eyes, Each letter strung amongst its pages holds... Continue Reading →

Facing backwards

I have stood many a time at the doorway of dreaming, facing backwards, The rustling of leaves, pause for a moment, Acknowledging mere rhythm of my dreams within, Capering like clouds, flitting between rainbows, I gasp to find a meaning; at the doorway, Only to be pushed backwards, Reality ushers, a deja vu nonetheless, Rustling... Continue Reading →

A very special day

There's no denial that we are as different as chalk and cheese will ever be, Practical and down to earth that you can be, Stuck in the clouds and dreamy I'd always be, Expressive, living life to the fullest that you always shall be, Over-thinking and boring, I always shall be, Many a times there... Continue Reading →

It takes two to love. Collaboration.

A collaboration post.

tales told different

Hey everyone,
Aishwarya of Kittyversesblog and I worked together to create this prose and abhanga poetry collaboration.
She wrote in light italics and I wrote in bold italics.

Please take your time and enjoy;

If love was a rose, it’d shrivel up finally,
If love was a butterfly, it’d flit away hastily,
If love was a horse, it’d gallop free quickly,
If love was dawn, it’d be engulfed by dusk lastly,
If love was a cloud, it’d be carried by wind to another land promptly,
If love was a mountain, it’d be rigid unfeeling soberly,
If love was moon, it’d alter constantly,
If love wasn’t a feeling,
A feeling immortalised by two people,
It wouldn’t last time’s endearing test endlessly.

Where art thou I seek?
Yee love of changing face
So much more; So much less
For thou, dreams too

Both united yet cold
For they don’t wait to…

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