A spectacle to behold

Picture Prompt: Pinterest

Decked in their finery, what a spectacle it was,

The bride and the groom,their wedding was the cause,

Not a moment to stand and stare,

A wedding of this kind yet so rare,

The delicacies in the eatery,

Decorations akin to a scenery,

In house entertainment to curb any boredom,

Music, dance , whatever one could fathom,

The guests lost themselves in the celebrations galore,

Who would one blame if a toddler was left admiring herself forever more?

Not a cry of hunger,

Or of being neglected, in anger,

They started searching for the parents of the little one,

They had to part ways, the fun and frolic and the fun,

Had to come to an end,

Little one, little one, what are you intently looking on?

The guests will be long gone,

Image result for pinterest clown

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Unknown to all,

She was imitating her dad, standing tall,

As a clown, conjuring tricks and treat, enthralling young and old,

She in her own right, was a cutie to behold.

Image result for pinterest clown

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

<200 words.

Acknowledgements :-In response to Sheetal Bhardwaj’s Fortnight Friday Fables. For details please visit here.  The challenge is to write in about 200 words based on the prompt. I’m not sure if this is a humorous piece, this is my take on the pic prompt. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.



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