Stars in the background – Part 2

P.C :- Kerfe Roig

Characters :- Z ; J and her mentor

They are greeted to dark alleyways of empty space and silence. Z didn’t realise where she was. With darkness only for company everything looked plain unfamiliar.

The last few days had been rough, and all that she could remember before being forcibly brought here was her emptying her burdens to her friend.

Tiny specks of light gleamed and it was then the mentor spoke up. We deem it unnecessary for you to behave like a mere mortal and have emotions like mortals though you think you are one. You are there for a special purpose, Z. And that’s the reason we pulled you away and brought you here.

We are like stars in the background. Observing, hibernating, until it’s time for us to act.

With no clear comprehension just like their last interaction, Z was too tired even to mumble leave alone, question.

Save your energy , the mentor clearly commanded. And then she pulled out the time travelling machine and uttered the passcode :- “Stars in the background”.

leaves hold water drops,
till sun of present arrives,
conjuring pureness,
fickle winter dreams mirage,
snowy silence vaporise.

Poetry form :- Tanka prose

To read the last instalment please click here.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Colleen. M. Chesebro for hosting Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge. This week the challenge was to use the above picture as an inspiration for a syllable poem. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

13 thoughts on “Stars in the background – Part 2

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  1. Aishwarya, this is tanka prose, and it’s beautiful! A haibun is written with one or more haiku. Tanka prose gives you more creative space to have fun. This piece is speculative fiction (one of my favorites). I love this! ❤

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  2. Your piece reminds me a bit of the play; ‘Our Town’ – though different.
    The stars and whatever else may be out there seems to have their own plans…


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